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Meeting Modern Marketing Demands for Wellness Businesses: Automation and Segmentation

Effective marketing in the wellness industry in 2023 involves understanding customer behavior, utilizing data and technology, and personalizing communications through automation and segmentation. CRMConnect syncs Mindbody and HubSpot for targeted client communications, driving growth and increasing customer retention. Schedule a free demo to see how it transforms your business.

The modern definition of marketing requires understanding customer behavior and preferences, developing effective communication strategies, and creating value for customers in order to build long-term relationships and achieve organizational goals. Modern marketing also emphasizes the use of data, analytics, and technology to inform decision-making and improve marketing effectiveness.

So how does a wellness business owner manage to do all this?

While marketing is undeniably important, it's far from the only day-to-day concern owners have!

Every time you communicate with a prospect or client it’s a form of marketing

This may sound strange, but it’s true. 

  • Posting on Instagram is a form of marketing, obviously.
  • But so is sending an email in preparation for a free consultation.
  • And a post-appointment survey? That’s also marketing.
  • Even sending an invoice is a form of marketing!

Traditional advertising is defined as communication that promotes the buying or selling of your product or service. 

But these days this kind of advertising simply is not enough. Your clients expect more!

Marketing today encompasses every and any interaction opportunity you have with a prospect or client. Because each time is a chance to improve your relationship with your client, their experience with your business and your brand. The best marketing strategies are designed to both maintain existing client relationships and foster new ones.

For these reasons, all customer communication is a form of marketing. 

Graphic showing the different aspects of modern marketing marketing gra

Automation can help increase the frequency of marketing efforts

You probably already know that it’s now possible to automate many types of customer communication for your business, including emails, social media posts, and even advertising. 

These abilities are important because they mean business owners don't need to think about these decisions and execute them manually day after day. This saves a ton of time and money! And it reduces the exhausting process of context shifting each day by eliminating many tasks that must be repeated daily, hourly or even more often.

But automation without responsive segmentation will have limited results

Automation is great, but as a wellness business owner in 2023 you also probably realize that you shouldn’t just send all your clients the same automated communications. 

Customer communication needs to be relevant and timely to be effective.

In fact, if your business isn’t personalizing marketing messaging in a way that’s responsive to your clients’ activities and the changing needs of your business, you’re missing the greatest opportunities you have to create effective, responsive marketing for your business. 

Woman Smiling at email at phone after receiving an interesting offer from a wellness business

The best marketing is sending the right message at the right time to the right client.

That’s why even the most meticulously planned automated marketing won’t get you the results you want if it isn't using the right data.

Thankfully, another great way to use marketing automation in the wellness industry is to automate customer segmentation. Automation can help businesses segment their customers based on their interests, behaviors, and preferences. This can help businesses create more targeted campaigns that are tailored to their customers’ needs.

Creating automated communications that respond to client behavior data and information about the services they use and products they purchase can create a more personalized experience for your clients – and help increase levels of happiness and loyalty needed to improve customer retention.

These are the communications that make your clients feel that you are speaking right to them.

So how do you do this?

CRMConnect helps wellness businesses meet the demands of modern marketing 

When CRMConnect syncs your Mindbody and HubSpot accounts you can set up sequences that will send targeted and relevant communications to clients just when they need it -- without having to think about it every day.

Business owners are able to do this when these apps are completely synchronized and they are able to respond to the answers to nine important questions about each client's activities and history.

By bringing all of a client's activities (and optional history), collected in Mindbody, to HubSpot, this information can be used as triggers for sequences and to create segmentation that helps ensure every client gets the right type of communication at the right times.

And this can have a profound effect on the trajectory of your business.

Some of the benefits of marketing automation that utilizes triggers and segmentation: 

  • It can improve your conversion rates by encouraging and nurturing prospects to become clients. 
  • It can transform the level of customer support and communication you provide. 
  • It can care for and cater to current clients’ interests and needs to help ensure they stay active, engaged and happy clients that recommend your business to friends. 
  • It can increase your business growth by reducing churn and increasing income on the individual client level. 
  • It can help you make more effective business decisions regarding advertising, staffing, services or classes you offer, and more.

Notice a theme? These can all of these contribute to your growth!

CRMConnect can help you do all this. And it will allow you to get more out of your Mindbody and HubSpot subscriptions, fine tuning your marketing and create a growth engine.

Ready to see how it can change your business? Schedule a free demo now




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